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Sewing Ribbon to Tulle

Ribbon may be glued or sewn to tulle.
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Attaching ribbon to tulle calls for a method that respects the delicacy of the tulle fabric while also anchoring the ribbon securely to it. Hand sewing can involve sewing the tulle only and gluing the ribbon to the cinched tulle, or it can use the ribbon itself as a thread to join the tulle to a base, such as a headband for a veil. Alternately, a sewing machine can edge tulle with ribbon with the help of the right needles and foot attachments.


When purchasing tulle material for a veil, get twice as much as the desired length if using a two-layered veil and about 1/2 yard more to test the fabric with various edging techniques. To edge a tulle veil with ribbon, use a thin 1/2-inch ribbon. You will have several choices of widths for the tulle, but a 108-inch tulle is appropriate for a bride.

Ribbon Onto Tulle - Sewing Machine

To add a ribbon edge to your veil in a hurry, use your sewing machine and any appropriate attachments. Starting with a 1/2-inch narrow satin ribbon, sew the ribbon to the veil edge with either a twin needle matching the width of the ribbon or a regular needle together with an edge-joining foot to sew the ribbon to the veil. Trim any excess veil material that extends past the ribbon.

Ribbon Onto Tulle - Hand Sewing

Sewing a veil by hand and finishing it off with ribbon involves both needle and thread, and hot glue. First gather the section of tulle that will be used for the veil by threading a needle through the veil at 1-inch intervals until you get 4 inches of compressed veil. Knot the thread at each end to secure the tulle, then using a hot glue gun, attach it to a white headband. After trimming off any excess tulle, apply a length of beaded ribbon on top of the tulle along the headband, also with a hot glue gun.

Ribbon Onto Tulle - Whip Stitch

Very narrow ribbon such as 1/8-inch satin ribbon can add both strength and decorative detail to a comb onto which a tulle veil has already been sewn. Whipstitching the ribbon with a large needle to the top of the comb keeps the tulle in place. If you like, cover the stitching with other ornaments such as silk flowers. To make this type of comb, the teeth should not be too far apart, otherwise there could be large spaces between the stitches.

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