Sewing Projects Using Men's Ties

Men's ties to use for sewing projects.

The colorfully decorative patterns in men’s ties add style to a variety of sewing projects. Whether you make a memorial quilt with inherited ties or weave a few together to make a pillow, the rich fabrics coordinate based on texture and shape, if not color.


Weave several men’s ties together to make a square of fabric for a decorative pillow. Lay the ties side by side horizontally in a row to create the desired width and length of the pillow. The sides of the ties should be touching. Beginning at one end, weave a new tie vertically over and under the existing row. Weave ties side by side to create a horizontal row of vertical ties. When the square is complete, pin and stitch the perimeter to hold the woven ties in place. Back the tie square with another woven tie square, sew the squares together and stuff them to make a pillow.


Men’s tie bags are creative sewing projects that you can make to carry books or to use as a purse. Stitch similar ties together along the edges to make a section of fabric for the bag. Sew two ties together along the edges to make the gusset and the strap for the bag. Line each of the tie sections with fabric to create a liner for inside the bag. Sew each open edge of the gusset strip to the front and back panel of the bag. Attach a button or snap enclosure to finish the bag.


Create a memorial quilt with inherited neckties to honor a special person in your life. There are many ways to incorporate men’s ties into a quilt pattern. You can cut them into patches as part of a crazy quilt design. Sew them side by side or weave them together to make quilt squares. Stitch each tie across several quilting patches to form a circular pattern in the center of a quilt.


Use the fat ends of men’s ties to cover a wire wreath frame and make a patchwork wreath for your home décor. Cut the ties to fit around the frame and sew them in place on the back side of the wreath. Surround the wreath frame with the tie ends. Glue or sew the edges together to hold the ties in place.

Chair Cushions

Another sewing project you can make with men’s ties that’s similar to making a pillow is a chair cushion. For this project, you only need to weave one tie square, and then sew the finished panel to another section of fabric, leaving one open edge. Insert upholstery foam between the two panels, then sew the back seam together or use interlocking strips as a closure.

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