How to Set a Nelsonic Digital Watch

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Nelsonic Industries was a New York electronics manufacturer that enjoyed popularity throughout the 1980s and 1990s due to its innovative digital game watches. Nelsonic offered many licensed digital game watches from toys, cartoons and video games. Though Nelsonic was eventually acquired by a rival company, its digital wristwatches have become favorites for many watch collectors. If you are lucky enough to come across a Nelsonic digital watch in a secondhand store or online, you will find it to be user-friendly and simple to set.

Press and hold the button on the bottom right side of your Nelsonic digital watch while the watch is in regular time-keeping mode to enter the time-setting screen. A flashing digital display indicates that you have successfully entered the time-setting screen.

Press any of the buttons on the face of your Nelsonic digital watch to set the seconds to "00."

Press the top right button of your Nelsonic digital watch to advance the flashing to the hours place.

Press and hold any of the buttons on the face of your watch to advance the hours-place digits to the desired value. Release the button when the correct hour value is displayed.

Press the top right button on your Nelsonic digital wristwatch to advance the flashing to the minutes place.

Press and hold any of the buttons on the front of your digital watch until the correct minutes value is displayed; release the button.

Save your changes and return to regular time-keeping mode by pressing the bottom right button of your Nelsonic digital watch.


  • A Nelsonic digital watch that refuses to keep correct time after being set may signal a problem with the battery. To replace the battery in your Nelsonic digital watch, remove the four screws that secure the back of the watch. Remove the old battery and discard. Insert a new silver oxide 392 battery into the battery compartment. Replace the watch back, reinsert and tighten the screws to complete your battery replacement.


  • Nelsonic digital watches contain small components that may present a choking hazard to young children.



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