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Sequence Card Game Rules

Cristina Reyes/Demand Media

"Sequence" is a board and card game published by Jax Ltd. The standard version of the game is played with regular playing cards, but Jax Ltd. also produces editions featuring geographic locations and simple math, in addition to a "Sequence" dice game.


Cristina Reyes/Demand Media

"Sequence" includes blue, green and red chips, 104 playing cards (two standard decks) and a game board that depicts the cards. Each corner of the board shows a free space that can be used by any player without placing a chip on it.

The object of the game is to create horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of five chips, called sequences, on the board. In games with two players or two teams, two sequences are required to win, while only one sequence is needed in games with three players or three teams. In games requiring two sequences, only one chip that is included in the first sequence can also be used to form the second sequence.

Jacks don't appear on the game board, but these cards provide special benefits. Each two-eyed jack is a wild card that allows the player to place a chip on any empty space on the board. A one-eyed jack allows the player to remove an opponent's chip from the board--unless it's in a completed sequence.

Game Play

Cristina Reyes/Demand Media

Each person selects a different color of chips. Since there are only three colors, teams must be formed if there are more than three players. Each player cuts the deck and the person with the lowest card is the dealer (aces are high). The cards are shuffled and dealt. In two-player games, each person receives seven cards; with three or four players, each gets six cards; for six players, five cards are dealt to each person; eight or nine players each get four cards; and 10 or 12 players are dealt three cards apiece. The remaining cards form the draw pile.

The player to the dealer's left goes first. On her turn, a player places a card from her hand into her discard pile and puts a chip on a space on the board that matches her card's value and suit, attempting to create a sequence or block her opponents from creating one. She then draws a new card and play passes to her left. If she forgets to draw a new card and the next player takes a turn, she must continue the rest of the game with one fewer card.

If a card can't be played because all of its corresponding spaces on the board already contain chips, it is considered a dead card and the player holding it may discard it and draw a new card. Only one dead card can be discarded per turn.

Team Play

Cristina Reyes/Demand Media

Each team must have the same number of players. Team members use chips of the same color and sit in alternating positions at the table. Game play is the same as in individual play, with team members working together to create sequences. Players aren't allowed to give hints or suggestions to their team members. If a player breaks this rule, he and each of his partners must discard a card.

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