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How to Sell Old Sheet Music

Vintage sheet music was mass produced and is not hard to find.
sheet music image by charles taylor from Fotolia.com

Selling old sheet music can be fun and profitable. Since sheet music was sold in large quantities when new, you should be able to find many local sources of used sheet music. It's a popular item for collectors, so demand is steady, but prices are usually low. Sheet music is easy to store, pack and ship.

Buy sheet music at thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales. Check the condition before purchasing it. Don't buy items that are soiled, have writing on them, or are incomplete. Pieces with minor flaws should still sell.

Appraise your sheet music and set a price. Most pieces sell for under $5. Rare pieces can sell for over $100. Autographs on sheet music will command a higher price. Do a careful search on eBay and other sources for titles similar to yours. Find out what recent items have sold for before setting a price.

Take quality pictures of your sheet music. Be sure to include the cover page. Sheet music is often collected for its cover illustration. Cover illustration that features attractive women, recognizable stars, or historical events are popular among collectors. Upload or scan your photos to your computer.

List your items on eBay. Market your sheet music in terms of its crossover appeal. Collectors of Broadway, sports and military ephemera may be interested in your items. Include words that will appeal to these buyers in your titles and descriptions. Be sure to mention any flaws or damage.

Look for other online stores that purchase used sheet music. Send them an email with a description of your items to find out if they are interested in buying from you.

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