How to Sell My Old Postal Stamps

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Stamp collecting is a very popular hobby, and one that pays nicely for many collectors who know what kinds of stamps are sought after and where to sell them. Whether your stamps are foreign, domestic, rare or old, there is most likely a collector who is looking for them. As long as you know how to price them and where to sell them, you can get a very good return on your collection.

Contact the American Philatelic Society. Stamp collections are sold and purchased through their website and they can offer an appraisal of your collection's value. Their website also has links to local chapters, dealers and clubs across the country.

Consult the Stamp Domain's Guide to Selling a Stamp Collection. The guide explains how to determine the value of stamps based on age, condition and form. Whether it is part of a set, a single stamp, or stamped on an envelope also determines the value.

Consult the Stamp Catalogue. The catalogue has a detailed listing of different stamps by age. The listings include the value of the different stamps based on their condition.

List your stamp collection on At Oncer, an online stamp auction website. This website has detailed listings of stamps by theme, country and age in which you can auction your collection or set a firm price.

Contact American Coin & Stamp Brokerage, Inc. Request information about listing your collection on their site. This brokerage specializes in coins and stamps and will evaluate your collection in order to list it as accurately as possible.