How to Sell Your Magic Cards

Magic: The Gathering cards, also known as Magic cards, were introduced by Wizards of the Coast in the early 1990s. The cards follow ongoing story lines that coincide with popular Magic: The Gathering books. Magic cards have become highly collectible due to the artwork and a large following of players that buy, trade or sell the cards on a regular basis. New expansions and sets are released regularly, allowing the game and Magic card collecting to evolve each year. There are numerous ways and places that Magic card collectors can sell entire collections or single cards from all Magic: The Gathering sets.

Educate yourself on the potential selling price of your cards. The market for Magic cards, like all collectibles, can vary from month to month. If you’re unsure how much your cards are worth, consider buying a magazine that lists current prices on your Magic cards. As with sports cards and other card games, Beckett issues a magazine exclusively for Magic: The Gathering cards.

Check with websites that are geared towards buying collectible cards, including Magic cards. Websites like and allow sellers to browse their buy lists for specific Magic cards they're interested in buying. You can also email them with a list of your cards for a quote.

Ask local card shops and comic book dealers if they'll buy your Magic cards. Be aware that if a retailer is buying your cards to sell, you won't get the same price as you would from a fellow collector, as these places exist to make a profit. Fortunately, many card shop owners who deal in Magic cards are also collectors, so if you have particular cards that they want for their private collection, the card shop owner will likely offer you a premium price. The Wizards of the Coast website has a list of shops that deal in Magic cards nationwide.

Consider selling your Magic cards at an online auction. Public or live auctions are not usually a good venue for selling Magic cards as these types of auctions don't often target Magic card buyers. Online auctions can be a lucrative place to sell Magic cards. Individual older cards and individual Magic cards from the newest set that a collector needs to complete his collection both do very well at auction sites like eBay. Selling your common and uncommon cards in lots on auction websites can also be profitable as players of the game are always looking to beef up their decks with new cards.


  • Rare cards from the Alpha, Beta and unlimited expansions can sell for hundreds of dollars each, and extremely rare Magic cards like Black Lotus have been known to sell for well over $1,000.


  • If you sell your Magic cards online, be sure to purchase delivery confirmation at the Post Office before mailing them.