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How to Sell My Beer Steins

Beer steins come in all shapes and sizes.
beer mug image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.com

You've got a collection of beer steins that you've decided to sell whether you don't need them anymore or just simply don't have the room. Beer steins have been around for several hundred years and are still sold at specialty stores and antique shops. Because of a lack of readable research on beer steins and how much they're worth, do some footwork online and in person at antique stores. This will help you figure out how much the steins are worth before trying to sell them.

Research how much your beer steins are going for online. Check sites like ebay.com or kovels.com for basic research. Look for items on the stein like a maker's mark, and take note of the type of artwork that's on the stein and where it was made.

Go to local antique shops to see if there are any beer steins for sale. This will give you a bit more information about how much beer steins are worth. Talk to the antique dealer to get some more information as well.

Ask an appraiser to value the beer stein, especially if you feel like it's worth some money.

Sell the item at a garage sale, swap meet or other sale if you know it's not worth anything and you want to get rid of it. You can also sell it online on an auction site if the item is worth some money.

Sell the item to an antique store or put it in a local auction if you've gotten it appraised and it's worth some money. Be sure to include the appraisal with the item for authenticity.


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