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How to Find Out What My Longaberger Baskets Are Worth

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Since 1978, Longaberger Basket company has sold handcrafted wood baskets in home parties through its consultants. Consumers purchase Longaberger baskets because of their beauty, durability and collectibility. Some Longaberger baskets may be worth much more today than their original purchase price, creating a solid investment for the buyer. If you are redecorating, downsizing or need some extra money and want to sell your Longaberger baskets, investigating their worth helps you make an educated selling decision.

Identify and inventory the baskets you want to sell as exactly as possible. If you can find the original purchase receipt, check your purchase date and the name of the basket. If the basket has a brass tag, the name and sometimes a year will be listed on it. Measure the basket, note whether there's swinging or stationary handles, check the signature on the bottom, and gather all accessories that came with the basket such as a lid, liner and plastic protector insert. Search the Internet for pictures of your basket to identify its name and date if you do not know what it is.

Look up the basket by name and year in a current year print or Internet guide to collectible pricing that specializes in Longaberger Baskets.

Check Internet auction sites and online classified ads for your specific Longaberger basket model and year to see what other people are paying for similar baskets online and in your area. Because a basket is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it at that time, checking completed auctions and active listings gives you a to-the-moment idea of what you may actually be able to get for the basket.


Complete sets including all accessories in good condition net the highest price. If you have a basket signed by a member of the Longaberger family, especially the late Dave Longaberger who died in 1999, it will be worth more than an equivalent basket signed by an anonymous employee. The Longaberger Company released some baskets in a series over the course of several seasons or years. If you have a complete series of baskets, it is generally worth more than the sum of the individual pieces in the series. Keep the series together if possible.


  • If you choose to have your Longaberger baskets appraised, choose an independent appraiser not interested in buying your collection who has experience with Longaberger products. Get more than one opinion.
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