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Scottish Crafts for Children to Make

Kilts: a Popular Scottish Theme.

Scotland's bagpipes, tartans and monsters lurking deep under still waters are inspiration for many artists, including children. History and geography is more interesting when it is teamed with creative craft projects that help reinforce the learning. There are many Scottish-themed crafts for children to make that will fuel the imagination.


When many kids think of Scotland, the first thing that comes to mind is Nessie, or the Loch Ness Monster. Make your own Nessie with polymer clay and display it in your room.

Roll out a tube of polymer clay in one color. Roll it so it is 1/2-inch in diameter and 2-inches long. Make four of these tubes. Bend each tube into a 'U' shape. Roll out another tube and make one end of it pointed for the tail. Attach small triangles to the outside curve of the U's and along the length of the tail using a different color clay. Make a final tube that is 3-inches long and flatten one end to make the head. Arrange the head so that it stands up, flattening or widening the base as necessary.

Place the clay on a cookie sheet and bake at 275 degrees F for 20 minutes. Allow to cool. Arrange the tail, the upside down U's and the head to make a Nessie display. The U's make it look like the body is sticking above the water.


Make a toilet roll Scotsmen in traditional dress. Take a piece of red or green construction paper and cut it into a rectangle. Draw a tartan, or plaid, pattern onto the paper. Wrap the paper around the middle of the paper roll so that one end overlaps the other with the seam to one side to make the kilt. Draw a face and shirt on the top portion of the roll. Glue a small circle of fake fur to the center of the top of the construction paper kilt to make the sporran--the bag that works as a wallet and purse on a Scottish kilt. Further decorate your Scotsman by making him a hat out of felt or bagpipes from construction paper.

St. Andrew's Flag

The blue and white flag of Scotland is known as the St. Andrew's flag or cross. You can make your very own with a piece of construction paper, a wooden skewer, and masking tape.

Cut a rectangle from blue construction paper. Place a piece of white masking tape on the construction paper stretching from corner to corner on the diagonal, then repeat for the other corners to make a large 'X'. Trim the excess tape from the corners. Fold one end of the paper around the skewer and tape in place. You can stick your flag into a potted plant or display it in your room.

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