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Georgia Habitat Diorama Projects

Georgia's habitats work well for a diorama project.
Chattahoochee River, Georgia image by StylezInk from Fotolia.com

The habitats of Georgia range from lush greenery to deep blue oceans, and can be used as inspiration for a child's diorama project. A diorama can be easily made with small shoeboxes or cardboard appliance boxes. By printing out images of the various Georgia habitats, your child can make a charming diorama for a school project or science fair.


Georgia's mountain ranges include the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains. Georgia's mountain habitats are visually impressive, making them an ideal subject for a diorama project, and you can easily draw or print out images of these mountains to include in the project. Wildlife from these habitats include deer, black bears and wild turkeys, and trout are found in Georgia's mountain rivers. Include these animals in your diorama project.


The eastern coast of Georgia is characterized by beautiful beaches, which can easily be recreated in a diorama. Use different images of Georgia's beaches like Savannah and Tybee Island, and include some glued-on sand and sea shells. The ocean life in Georgia's coastal waters includes ghost shrimp and ghost crab, and birds like seagulls and herons also habitate here. Include some tall paper grass in the diorama to mimic sea oats, which grow on Georgia's beach habitats.


Georgia's warm, wet climate has created some lively swamps that you can imitate in a diorama. The Okefenokee Swamp habitat in Georgia is a breeding ground for all sorts of swamp life and plants. Animals like alligators, marsh rabbits, otters, frogs and raccoons are found in this swamp, and plants like cypress trees, water lilies and cattails grow in abundance.

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