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How to Find a Moonstone

Moonstones are found all across the globe in areas of feldspar mineral concentrations. These minerals are typically mined in areas of extremely old rock, such as in old mountain chains of the Appalachians and Europe's southern Alps. Though they are mined, moonstones are found virtually everywhere on the planet. They can be found from Sri Lanka to Madagascar, and from North Carolina to the Baltics. Moonstones are named for the play of light given off from their polished luster. The most popular moonstones are found in India, and are a deep blue color. Fortunately, finding a moonstone isn't difficult at all because of all the high concentration of feldspar minerals found on Earth.

Look for areas where older mountain chains, and mines, are prevalent. The Appalachian mountains in the U.S., particularly in the mountainous region of North Carolina, is a heavily mined area, and a prime location to find moonstone.

Look for moonstones in areas where feldspar is significantly mined. Feldspar minerals comprise nearly 60 percent of the Earth's crust and contain varieties of minerals including moonstone. The feldspar region in the United States is mined out of North Carolina and Virginia.

Search for moonstone in areas where a high concentration of albite. Albite is a feldspar variety, containing moonstone in a high quantity. Albite minerals also contain some of the rarest forms of moonstone. These locations can be found around the country in areas such as Southern California, Maine, North Carolina, and Virginia.


Moonstone Beach in Cambria, Calif. is famous for having highly polished agates of moonstone, jasper and jade washing up along the beach.

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