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Scavenger Hunt List Ideas for Sunday School

Have older students search for famous Bible verses.
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Sunday School serves the purpose of teaching God’s word; this is best done when the lessons are fun. When kids are having fun, they are paying attention. Have scavenger hunts at Sunday School that coordinate with Bible parables and verses. Scavenger hunts are easy to create and safe to play. These hands-on activities aid learning and are inviting to everyone.

Tax Collector Scavenger Hunt

A major principle in Christianity is to be nonjudgmental and forgiving. Jesus Christ illustrated these principles by befriending hated people of the town, including prostitutes and tax collectors. He even made Matthew, a former tax collector, his disciple. To illustrate what tax collectors were and why they were disliked, have a tax collector scavenger hunt. This gives kids an idea of how unfair the taxes were. Begin by telling the story of Jesus and the tax collectors. Hide miscellaneous objects around the room; use candy, coins, small trinkets and stickers. Have the kids search for all of the treats and treasures. When all the items are found, play the tax collector. Ask random questions like, “Who wore a black shirt today?” Then collect a treat from each person wearing a black shirt. Continue collecting treats from the kids for unfair reasons until they speak up about it. Explain that’s how taxes were, and then share the treats.

Noah’s Ark Scavenger Hunt

One of the first stories taught to children in Sunday School is Noah’s Ark. An ordinary man was called to do an extraordinary task--build a boat to save all the animal species from a great flood. In the Noah's Ark scavenger hunt, have the Sunday School students try to save the animals themselves. This hunt is best for children up to age 10. Hide a toy boat and various animal figurines. Make a list of all the species for them to find. Split the kids into two teams. Have them race to find the animals and bring them to a pool of water. The first team with all the animals loaded and in the water wins.

Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt

A Bible verse scavenger hunt is and game for older students. Give them a sheet of famous verses, like the Ten Commandments. The first person to locate all or most of the verses wins. For more difficult verses, give them a few letters of the book. For younger kids, give verses with words that need to be filled in.

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