Rhinoceros Mask Craft

By Kyra Sheahan ; Updated September 15, 2017
Accentuate the tusk on your rhinoceros mask craft.

Whether you are getting ready for Halloween, a dress up party or a classroom play, a homemade rhinoceros mask can transform any child or adult into a pretend rhino. Since the rhinoceros is known -- and named after -- its nose or tusk, you have the option of making a full or partial rhino mask that emphasizes this specific feature.

Paper Plate Mask

Use a paper plate to create an easy to make rhinoceros mask that even kids can do on their own. Color a white paper plate with gray paint, crayons or markers. Cut out two small, rounded triangles from gray construction paper to serve as the rhino's ears. Glue the ears onto the top of the paper plate. Cut out two slits where your eyes will go so you can see out. Next, glue a pointed, sugar ice cream cone to the middle of the plate with the point facing out. This is the rhino's tusk. Complete the mask by attaching a thick Popsicle stick to the bottom for holding the mask up to your face.

Toilet Paper Tusk

Your rhinoceros mask can just include the nose or tusk. Start with an empty toilet paper roll. Create a pointed tip for one of the open ends of the roll out of matching brown construction paper shaped into a cone. Glue the construction paper onto the end of the toilet paper roll so that one end of the roll is open and the other end has the point. You have the option of leaving the tusk brown or painting all of it gray with tempera paint. For the final step, make two small holes in the side of the toilet paper roll next to the open end. String two ends of elastic string through the holes and tie them. To wear your rhino tusk mask, pull the elastic over the back of your head and strap the open end of the toilet paper roll over your nose.

Paper Plate with Toilet Paper Tusk

Combine a paper plate rhinoceros mask with the toilet paper tusk. Start with a large paper plate and cut out the inner circle portion of the plate so you are left with the rim. Paint the paper plate rim gray with tempera paint. Your face will go inside of the open part of the plate, with the rim acting as the mask's frame. Attach the ears to the top of the paper plate rim and a Popsicle stick at the bottom to hold the mask up. Then, make the toilet paper nose or tusk that wraps around your head. When you wear the two items together, you have a complete rhinoceros mask.

Craft Foam Rhino Mask

Create a rhino mask out of craft foam. Take a large piece of gray or brown craft foam and trace the outline of a rhinoceros' face, including the ears and the two nostrils at the side. Cut out the craft foam. Glue large googly eyes onto the mask where the eyes should go. Draw a large, thin triangle out of a lighter craft foam color, such as tan or white, to serve as the rhino's tusk. Glue the nose onto the mask with the long point of the triangle face-up. Cut out two inconspicuous slits in the mask for your eyes. Add an elastic band around the mask to wear it.

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