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The Qualities of a Superhero

Several thoughts come into people's minds when they hear "superhero." Typically images of a costumed do-gooder striking fear into the hearts of criminals and drawing cheers from the defenseless spring to mind. Heroes can come in all sizes, from Giant-Man to the Atom, all manner of powers, from Thor's mystical abilities to Batman's gadgetry and training. Through it all, certain characteristics remain consistent.

Willing to Fight

A true hero does not use his powers to show off or to draw attention to himself. However, the hero is always brave enough to fight to save the innocent and is determined enough to see the job through to the finish. This is not to say that heroes are not afraid. She simply believes that the risks she takes are worth it to protect the people she has sworn to serve.


A great hero does not necessarily have to be a genius. As an example, the ever-lovin' Blue-Eyed thing is not likely to win a Nobel Peace prize any time soon. However, a successful hero must be smart enough to recognize a trap and street-smart enough to find a way out of the trouble that invariably follows him everywhere he goes.


A true hero shows respect to the lowliest of creatures and commands respect, not through the use of her powers, but through the honorable way she treats others. This characteristic is shown by being unfailingly honest and by showing mercy to those who deserve it. A super hero becomes a role model by adhering to the virtues that people respect the most.


Many heroes like to show bravado when they fight, such as Spider-Man always deriding his foe while traps them in a web cocoon for the police to unwrap. However, most heroes show humility and discretion by hiding their identities. Their intelligence, compassion for their families and their humility drive them to create a secret identity to protect their loved ones and avoid the limelight.

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