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How to Cat-Proof a Bed

Protect the bed and retrain the cat.
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While owning a cat is a pleasure, sleeping in fur clumps and wet hairballs is not. Cat-proofing your bed is not about punishing your pet or asserting dominance; it is a way of securing your own health and comfort. Begin training your furred friend to avoid your bed when it's young, as this practice will diminish the occurrence of resistant behaviors and require fewer preventative measures.

Things You'll Need:

  • Cat Tree
  • Sheets
  • Plastic Mattress Cover
  • Table Clothes
  • Bed Pad
  • Blanket
  • Quilt

Remove your cat from the bed physically whenever you see it there. Do not hit, spray or yell at your cat--this will not encourage good behaviors. Reward the cat for leaving the bed.

Set up cat trees and elevated resting places throughout the house to decrease the appeal of your bed. Reward the cat with treats and petting for using the cat tree or cat bed.

Place a plastic slipcover over your mattress to prevent dander and bodily fluids from seeping into your bed.

Place a bed pad and fitted sheets over the plastic to soften the feel and sounds of the plastic cover.

Put a sheet, blanket and quilt on your bed as normal.

Add a heavy sheet or large plastic tablecloth to keep fur off your bed when not in use. Use a material that has a slick texture to discourage scratching. Fold it down and lay at the base of the bed before you go to sleep.


Installing bed rails will prevent a small kitten from leaping onto the bed, but an adult cat will jump on the railing. Even if sturdy, frame-mounted rails are used, a cat may harm itself in attempts to get on the bed. Use with caution.

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