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Prospector 100 Metal Detector Instructions

Metal detectors can be used to comb the beach for treasure.
detector de metales image by Marco Antonio Fdez. from Fotolia.com

Looking for objects such as old coins or antiques is a fun hobby for many people. To participate in this pastime and be successful, you must have a metal detector; the device helps you ind metal objects buried beneath the sand or soil. The Prospector 100 is one model of metal detector you might choose in your pursuit of buried treasure.

Pick up the Prospector 100 with both hands. Hold the top with one hand, and hold the middle portion with the other. Turn the "Test/Operate" dial -- located on the control panel on the top of the device -- to the "Operate" position. This turns on the detector and allows you to begin use.

Turn the "Volume" knob all the way to the right until it stops. The audio system is now at full volume. You might hear a tone. Hold the detector so the coil is facing straight up in the air, away from metal objects. Press and hold the "Reset" button.

Continue to hold the "Reset" button. While doing this, turn the "Sensitivity" dial until its arrow lines up with the first "I" in the word. Turn the "Discrimination" dial until the meter on the detector points to the center of the dial. Release the "Reset" button. The detector is now calibrated.

Walk along the search area, keeping the coil of the detector a few inches above the ground. Move the detector back and forth in a sweeping motion. The meter stays in the middle until it picks up an object. If the meter's indicator moves to the left, it is a small object; if it moves to the right, it might be larger.

Watch the LED lights and listen to the audible tone as you search. More lights illuminate when a larger object is detected. The tone becomes louder and higher-pitched as you near a metal object.

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