How to Project a Holographic Image

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Holograms are either two-dimensional or three-dimensional images that are projected from a fixed source. If you have seen the movie “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” you probably remember the scene where the lovable R2-D2 android projects a 3-D holograph of the Princess Leia character. Subsequent "Star Wars" movies expanded on this movie magic technique and used holographic images in communication among characters. While the technology is probably a number of years away from being in our households as a day-to-day tool like the telephone, you can create holograms with tools available now.

Create the video you want to project. The best type for this purpose is a high-contrast video shot against a dark or black background. Make sure there is sufficient lighting and enough separation between the subject and the background to keep the background dark.

Position a holographic projection screen in the location you want your hologram to appear. Ideally, this screen will be 3 to 4 feet from the projector you will use. The projector needs to be set up so it will have an unobstructed line between the lens and the holographic screen.

Turn down or turn off lights in the room.

Turn on your projector and start the video you shot earlier. The image will appear on screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital camcorder
  • Dark backdrop
  • Holographic screen