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Problems with a Kubota RTV

Using the Kubota rough-terrain vehicle out in the field can become a headache when problems arise. Kubota reports that its RTV is a durable and powerful vehicle that can be used for a variety of purposes and under many different terrain conditions. Most of the problems reported by product review organizations and customers pertain to the operation of the RTV.

Loose Drive Shaft

According to Compact Tractor Review, the drive shaft on the Kubota RTV comes loose. You will hear a rattle under normal operating conditions when this occurs. The problem is attributed to faulty U-joint that connects to the transmission. Kubota has issued a formal fix report to dealerships pertaining to this problem. If you find that this problem is occurring to your RTV, then take it to the dealership and have the replacement U-joint installed. Depending on the age of the RTV, the dealership can make the repair at a discount price.


Several reports listed by Compact Tractor Review have customers complaining about the Kubota RTV braking system. The vehicle has a tendency of moving forward even when the brakes are engaged. The problem commonly occurs during quick braking procedures, but seldom occurs under normal braking conditions. The problem is attributed to the speed lever assembly, but after some testing, no specific reason was found for this problem.

Transmission Hesitation

Compactor Tractor Review also notes that some Kubota RTV owners are reporting a transmission hesitation under normal operating conditions. The problems prominently arises when stopping and starting on an incline or at high altitudes. According to Kubota, the RTV is sensitive to the transmission fluid used in the vehicle. If you have mixed transmission fluids, instead of using the recommended Super UDT, the transmission can develop this problem. If you use the recommended transmission fluid and the problem still persists, then the relief pressure in the port block can be the problem.

Windshield Installation

RTV owners are complaining about the difficulty of installing the windshields on the Kubota with a plastic roof, according to Compactor Tractor Review. No major complaints have been filed about windshield installation on the metal roofs, but your owner's manual addresses the correct way to install both. According to Kubota, you must leave the inside roof mounting bolts off while installing the windshield onto a plastic roof. The only bolts that must be left loose during installation are the ones on the front roof mounting brackets. Once the shield has been installed, you can remount the plastic roof.

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