How to Get a Printable Blank Copy of Raffle Tickets

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Printable blank raffle tickets are essential to fundraisers for schools, organizations, non-profits, and clubs seeking to raise funds. Printable blank copy raffle tickets are versatile because they can be used for several events, if they are left generic enough. Additionally, you only need to print or order as many sheets of printable blank raffle tickets as you need which can save the organization or business money. There are many colors, designs, varieties and options of printable blank copies of raffle tickets to choose from.

Determine how many raffle tickets you will need for your event as well as how much time you have to order or print them. Decide on the level of design you desire, whether you want a generic blank copy of a raffle ticket that is disposable, or a raffle ticket that serves as additional advertising with your company and organization logo or contact information.

Make your own raffle tickets on your computer using software like Microsoft Word, Paint or Publisher. Create one ticket by creating a box with a square tool, then add text boxes for your text and clip art or logos. Use copy and paste to duplicate the blank copy raffle ticket to fit on an 8.5-by-11-inch sheet.

In editing programs where tables are an option, you can insert a table to hold the copy and pasted raffle tickets. Usually four to 16 raffle tickets will fit on a standard page, depending on your design and the final size for your raffle ticket.

Design a raffle tickets by downloading raffle ticket design software online. Some software or printable blank copies of raffle tickets are available for free for non-profits at or for purchase for businesses or individuals at Once you download the software, follow the easy-to-follow directions. For example, insert the raffle ticket event name, clip art or logo, add a background color and add additional text. Print your blank copies of raffle tickets on standard paper or perforated paper for a more professional appearance.

Design and order printable blank copies of raffle tickets online. Some companies like offer hundreds of full color raffle ticket templates to choose from. When you design your raffle tickets, you can select your template and fill in the basic details like company name or organization name but leave the specifics, such as the event name, blank so that you can use the tickets ordered for multiple events filling them in as the events occur with a permanent marker or pen.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Paper
  • Pre-perforated raffle ticket paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors


  • If you are going to print your raffle tickets in-house, consider purchasing printable raffle ticket perforated paper for easy tearing.

    Cut your raffle tickets in advance so that you are not fumbling with scissors while selling them at your event or fundraiser.