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How to Make a Powerful Signature

A Signature
Paula K. Parker

Unlike John Hancock, you don't have a powerful signature that people will remember for years to come. With fat, rounded, slopping letters, the cursive penmanship you learned in elementary school left you with an ugly signature. But you don't have to keep your old signature. By using the method outlined here, you can make a beautiful and powerful signature that will be as unique as you are.

Decide what style of handwriting you like. You can find samples from books on penmanship or calligraphy or from the fonts on a computer's word processor. Select several styles.

Type the alphabet, both lower and upper case, in the font you have selected. Also type several practice words, sentences and your name on another page. Print up several copies of these pages.

Place a sheet of tracing paper on top of one of the alphabet pages and secure them to a clipboard. Begin tracing each letter using a pencil. When you are comfortable with writing and not merely tracing the letters, move on to the page with the words, sentences and your signature. Continue to practice these pages.

Practice writing your new font without using the tracing paper or the alphabet or word pages. Focus on holding, not grasping, the pen or pencil, to avoid getting cramps in your hand.

Alter the writing you've learned in order to make a new style that is your own. Remember to not only make your new signature beautiful and unique, but also legible. Once you are comfortable with your new handwriting, practice writing it with a pen, either a regular, fountain or calligraphy pen.

Things You'll Need:

  • Tracing paper
  • Clipboard
  • Fountain or calligraphy pen (optional)
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