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Post Office Game Rules

The Post Office Game is a kissing game usually played at parties. The game has several aspects that make it appealing, such as the fact that there are few rules to the game, and the fact that everyone involved with the game will be kissed by more than one person.


Before you begin playing the game, make sure that everyone is comfortable with the rules of the game, including the fact that everyone involved likely will be kissing more than one person, if not everyone else.

Two Groups

First all players involved in the game must be divided into two groups. After the division, one of these groups will go to another room. This room will be referred to as the "Post Office."

Visiting The Post Office

Every individual from the group that is not in the post office must visit the post office one at a time. Everyone in the post office must kiss the visitor.


After everyone from the outside group has visited the post office, the groups switch places. Now the new post office members must kiss the visitors who arrive one at a time from the former post office group.


A variation to the post office game is called pony express, in which the room referred to as the post office is completely dark. This version of the game can become more intense than the original game.

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