Police Hat Crafts

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A craft revolving around a police hat is an ideal way to honor a loved one in the force, when she is just starting as a police officer or retiring. You can put together a craft like this using an old police hat or you can make a faux hat, a charming idea for little ones.


If you're throwing a party for a police officer, either for a retirement or just a birthday, you can use police hats as centerpieces for the event. Turn the hats upside down so you can fill the inside with centerpiece items. Flowers, candles, candies and other small items can be placed inside the hats and one can be placed on each table in the party venue.


You can create a frame gift to give to a police officer friend, using pieces of the police officer hat to create a whimsical memento. Remove the badge from the front of the hat and cut some of the fabric off of the hat as well. Cover the inside of the frame with the fabric and glue the badge in the center of the frame, then place the glass over the finished piece.

Photo Montage

A photo montage can be made using images of the police officer wearing his hat at different moments. This can include his graduation from the force, his first day of work in full uniform, a day he was honored for some achievement, etc. Place these photos in a series in a frame or in a photo book as a keepsake.

Paper Hat

For a little one who wants to dress up as a police officer, help him make a paper police hat to complete the look. Use old newspaper and rumple it into a mushroom cap shape. Tape the edges in place and let kids color the paper blue with markers or crayons. Then cut out a yellow badge from construction paper and glue it to the front of the hat.


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