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How to Play Scrabble Junior

Play Scrabble Junior
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Scrabble Junior is a educational game that builds fundamental reading and spelling skills in young children. It is designed for children ages 5 to 7 and has a very similar format to its more traditional older brother, Scrabble. However, the rules and format of Scrabble Junior are much more relaxed and focus more on learning words rather than thinking of them and scoring points.

Open the game board and spread it out on a flat surface. Have each player draw seven letter tiles from the "kitty" or box of tiles. Once each player has drawn these tiles, flip a coin or think of some other way to decide who goes first.

Try to use the letters that you have drawn to make the words that are on the Scrabble board. Scrabble Jr. does not have spaces for different words, as it is intended for those who are just learning how to read and spell.

Make a word on the board, then add up the points on the letter tiles. Record each player's score on a piece of paper. When a player uses his tiles, he can grab new ones from the kitty.

Return tiles for replacement ones. If a player does not use any tiles during their turn, they can replace them before relinquishing their turn to the next person.

End the game when every word on the Scrabble board has matching tiles on it or the tiles in the kitty run out. Count up the points and declare the winner.


Some editions of Scrabble Jr. have a standard Scrabble board on the flip side.

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