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How to Play Password

Password is a clue game. In this game, each person tries to score the most points by guessing the key word from single word clues. This is a game that can be played by a variety of ages and age combinations. Password offers a variety of skill levels, depending on the limits the players set.

Password vocabulary cards

Create two teams. Each team will divide into an "A" player a "B" player.

Divide the cards giving the "A" cards to the "A" players and the "B" cards to the "B" players.

Offer a clue. If the "B" player can not guess the card, the score marker is moved down one point.

Pass to the next team where the "A" player offers a clue. If the "B" player does not guess the word, then the scorecard moves down another point.

Guess the word correctly and the team gets the points marked on the scorecard. Then "A" and "B" players switch roles.

Continue until both players have offered clues for all five words on their cards. The last word on each card is worth double the normal amount of points.

Win the game by earning the most points!

Things You'll Need:

  • Password cards
  • Scorecards


You can play this game to expand vocabulary and work comprehension. To alter this game for three people, one person will ask the clues while the other two guess the words. If neither get it the scorecard moves down. Whoever guesses first gets the points; if both guess right at the same time, they both get the points. Whichever guesser accumulates the most points by the end of the card wins. A way to alter this game to increase skill level is to play with a time limit. For those wishing a fast-paced, quick-witted game, keep the time limit short. For those that may still be learning vocabulary, increase the time limit to reduce frustration.

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