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How to Play One Player Pool

Pool is a very popular bar game that many people enjoying playing over a beer. Quite often you will see people playing pool solo, either because they are trying to better their skills, or don't have anyone else to play against. The rules of solo pool are the same as 8-ball. These steps will show you how to play one-player pool and win.

How to Play One-Player Pool

Rack the balls. Place all of the balls in the triangle rack at one end of the pool table. Make sure that the 8-ball is in the center of the rack. Line the 8-ball up with the sticker dot.

Chalk the stick. Use the pool chalk to apply lubricant to the tip of your pool stick.

Break the balls. Line up your cue ball at the opposite end of the table. Rear the stick back and break up the balls.

Decide which color goes first. The rules of solo pool are the same as 8-ball, unless of course you are playing 9-ball. On break whichever color, such as stripes, goes into a pocket first will be the color of your first shot. If stripes were to sink first then you would shoot as the player for stripes until you missed a shot. Then you move onto solids. And if you knocked in only a solid ball on the break, you would shoot for solids first until you missed a shot and then switch over to stripes.

Play in synchronous order. Keep shooting as if you are both players until either all of the solids or all of the stripes have been pocketed. Whichever color gets pocketed first has a shot at the 8-ball.

Play the game in order until one side reaches and pockets the 8-ball.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pool table
  • Pool balls
  • Pool stick
  • Chalk
  • Understanding of the rules


Try shooting harder shots than you normally would when playing against your friends. This way you will continue to develop your skills even when you are playing solo.


  • The hardest part about one-player pool is that you are tempted to cheat yourself. Just follow the rules and either way and you will still win.
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