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How to Decorate a Bowling Ball With Marbles

Bowling balls can be used for more than just sport.
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Bowling ball decorations can be used both as indoor and outdoor pieces. They provide an excellent touch to a patio or deck when placed next to foliage or even mounted on stands. Decorate your bowling ball with marbles to give it a funky twist. Not only are marbles inexpensive, they add texture to your artwork.

Things You'll Need:

  • Bowling Ball
  • Indoor And Outdoor Glue
  • Marbles

Clean your bowling ball thoroughly. Use water, dish soap and a clean rag to clean any dirt and dust from the ball. Rinse the ball completely to remove any soap residue. Dry the bowling ball thoroughly with a clean towel. Check your ball for blemishes as this will help determine the pattern of your marble placement.

Choose your color scheme. This should be dependent on the color of your ball. Consider the color scheme of the room or outdoor area that you intend to place the ball. Contrasting colors can also give an added element to your design. If your ball is turquoise, use red or even purple marbles to make your creation more vibrant.

Pick your pattern. Swirls or even randomly placed marbles can give your ball an interesting look. Sketch out a variety of patterns before applying the marbles as adhesive can leave a unwanted residue behind if you have to start over. Ensure that you have enough marbles for your pattern before you begin as this could also alter the layout or even style that you were going for. Use a pencil to make small marks on your ball so that you can see where the marbles should be applied.

Use a waterproof glue to apply the marbles. It's important to use a heavy-duty glue as well so that the adhesive holds up to various temperatures. Try various types of glue such as super glue, rhino glue or even liquid nails. Place dots of glue on the ball and attach the marbles.

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