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How to Play the Mind Game Kahootz

The object of the mind game "kahootz" is for a group of players to figure out the communicating code set up between you and your partner as you "telepathically" identify secret objects. Unbeknown to the rest of the group, you and your partner have secretly agreed to not only what the secret objects are, but when the name of the objects are correctly identified. This is a great game for children between the ages of eight and 12.

Communicate with your partner ahead of time in secret that as soon as a "trigger" occurs you will make one "fake guess" and then guess the name of the object you both previously agreed on. Select up to five objects in the room, and identify an order for revealing them in each round of the game.

Explain to the group that through the powers of kahootz, you have learned to read your partner’s mind, and your partner can read yours.

Ask the partner to leave the room.

Tell the group that once you and the person outside the room are officially "in kahootz," you will be able to telepathically communicate to her what the object is in the room, and that the other players need to guess how you two are communicating. Tell the group what that object is.

Ask the partner to return, and tell the group to remain silent except to answer questions.

Begin by repeating this question to one person after another: “Are we in kahootz?” The crowd should do its best to remain silent after responding with a “No.”

Look out for the "trigger," which is the inevitable person laughing, sneezing or coughing. The trigger is the signal for your partner to guess correctly after one fake guess.


Once the first round is complete, proceed to the second round. Once the trigger has occurred, have the fake question include mention of the person who served as the trigger. For instance, if Johnny laughed, then the fake question could be "Is it Johnny's shoe?" This will provide a hint to help the children guess how to break your code.


  • Be dramatic when explaining the powers of being "in kahootz." The tone of the game will make the group work harder to reveal your communication code.
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