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How to Do the Coin From Behind the Ear Trick

Do the Coin From Behind the Ear Trick

The classic Coin from Behind the Ear trick is one every magician must master. You show your audience a coin, make it disappear and then miraculously find it behind someone's ear. Anyone can perform this trick with a little practice.

Put a coin in your right hand, at your fingertips. Show the coin to the audience while showing them that your left hand is empty.

Act as if you are putting the coin in your left hand, but secretly keep it in your right. Close your left fist as if you have the coin in that hand, and slowly put your right hand (still holding the coin) down at your side. Don't draw attention to it. The coin should be hidden in a loose right hand, not a tight fist.

Blow on your left hand (or have someone else blow), and then open it to show that the coin has disappeared. Show your entire left hand to the audience to prove that you are not hiding the coin in between your fingers.

Pretend to notice something behind the ear of one of your audience members. Move your right hand to behind their ear. Keep the coin hidden.

Using your thumb, push the coin to your fingertips and bring your hand out from behind the ear, showing everyone that the coin has magically reappeared.


You will perform this trick best after many tries. Getting the audience to believe that you have transferred the coin to your left hand can take some practice. Rehearse in front of a mirror, and then try the trick on friends to see if they can detect any flaws in your presentation.

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