How to Play Lotto Bingo

Bingo has made a transition in from the bingo halls to the scratch-off Lotto ticket. This fun game can be played in the car, on the bus, in your home and anywhere you have some free minutes and a coin to scratch with. The rules of Lotto bingo are similar to the ones governed by live bingo.

Play Lotto bingo by scratching off the Free square on your bingo card. Every state has different types of bingo games, but most share the Free Square. Some games may have several bingo cards for the player; others may only have one.

Scratch off your caller’s card. The caller’s card will function much like a caller in real life pulling out numbers. Each Lotto bingo card will have a scratchable symbol over each number the caller will give you.

Look at your card or cards compared with what the bingo caller’s card says. If you have a match, scratch it off. For example, if the caller has B5 and you have B5, that’s a match. You should scratch that spot off on your Lotto bingo card.

Inspect your card once you have gone through all of the letters the caller provided. You can win by having five numbers in a line going horizontally, vertically or diagonally. In some states, Lotto bingo cards that cover all four corners are also winners.

Check the prize key to determine how much you win if you have a bingo. Some games will offer different prizes based on the difficulty of the win, such as having one across and diagonal. Others will offer the same prize regardless.

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