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How to Play Golf on a Pool Table

Two or more players can play pool golf.
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Many who own a pool table play standard 8-ball and 9-ball games. However, various creative games can be played using the pool table, including a variation of golf. Two or more players can compete, and scoring works similar to golf. Like in golf, players compete over 18 holes, each trying to hole out first and get the lowest overall score.

Number the pool table pockets in a clockwise pattern from one to six. Have the number one hole be the lower left pocket in the kitchen area where you place the cue ball to start the game.

Pick a numbered ball to be your object ball. Have other players do the same. The game can be played with two or more players. Place your object ball on the foot spot. The foot spot is where the point ball rests for a break in a normal pool game.

Place the cue ball in the kitchen area. This is anywhere behind the second marked line on the opposite side of the table from the foot spot. Try and make your ball in the first pocket. If you make it, put the object ball back on the foot spot and shoot for the second hole. Keep going until you miss. When you miss leave your object ball where it lies. The next player puts their object ball on the foot spot and picks up the cue ball and starts in the kitchen area. Other players repeat this for the first round.

Leave the cue ball in play after the first round. Take turns shooting. When you make your object ball in a numbered hole put it back in the foot spot. Hit it toward the next hole from wherever the cue ball sits. If you or another player hits the cue ball in a hole the next player moves the cue ball to the kitchen area for their shot. If you hit another player's ball in a hole place their ball in the foot spot. Penalties for fouls of hitting the cue ball or another player's ball in a hole, knocking a ball off the table, or hitting your ball in the wrong hole are three strokes. Keep track of the number of shots it takes you to hit your object ball in each hole. A scoresheet for each hole, like in golf, can be made to keep track of scores.

Repeat the clockwise rotation of holes three times for an 18-hole game, like in regular golf. Award the person who finishes the 18 holes first by taking three strokes off their score. The person with the lowest score at the end of the game wins.

Things You'll Need:

  • Cue sticks
  • Cue ball
  • Pool balls
  • Pool table
  • Score sheet


Play only six holes for a quicker game, with the person pocketing all six holes first winning. Penalize moving back one hole for fouls if the object of winning is finishing the holes first.


  • Do not play the game on coin-operated tables, since the object ball will not return after it enters a hole.
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