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How to Play the Game Sleepers

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Sleepers, also known as the Wisconsin Sleepers, is a simple game that can be played by anyone. It's one of those games that falls under the "New Age" category and gives its players a rare insight into the world of sin and relationships. The rules of the game are: 1) Players who complete the entire game will become "initiates" or possibly "facilitators;" 2) Everyone in the room must play the game or it cannot go on; 3) The facilitator's job is to "initiate" new members by blindfolding them, and then guiding them through a room that is separate from where the uninitiated are located.

Ask if anyone in the room has played the Sleepers game before, and then ask if everyone wants to play. Everyone in the room must participate. As a facilitator, you should never pressure anyone into playing the game.

Separate the people in your room into two groups-- the "initiates" and the "uninitiated." Put the initiates in one room with the lights dimmed, and put the uninitiated in another room.

One by one, blindfold the uninitiated and bring them into the room of initiates. You, the facilitator, will provide the uninitiated a specifically tailored scenario that is based purely upon the facilitator's impression of the uninitiated player. A sample scenario: "You are stranded on an uncharted island, what clothes would you take with you?" Any clothing that is not mentioned by the player must then be removed.

Keep providing the uninitiated player different scenarios until he or she finally decides to take the blindfold off. By the time this decision is made, there is usually nothing left but the blindfold. The player has now become an initiate.

Assign the new initiate player to blindfold another uninitiated player from the other room and guide them through the same process.

Things You'll Need:

  • Blindfold
  • Group of 10-20 people
  • Two rooms


As a facilitator, your primary concern is the comfort level of each player. It is your job to ease the most nervous players. Never force them to do anything.

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