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How to Play the Game Cinq-O

If a player racked this roll, he would have a
dice image by Bartlomiej Nowak from Fotolia.com

Cinq-O is a dice game manufactured by Mattel. The object of the game is to roll dice and score points based on each roll. The game contains five regular, six-sided dice, one “Hi/Lo” die, a carrying case and a score card. One to six players may play at a time and the game is suggested for players aged seven and up. It is a fairly quick game to play; according to the website boardgamecapital, a typical game lasts 15 to 30 minutes. While Cinq-O includes a few variations in game play, the basic game simply requires rolling dice and scoring points.

Place the score card in the middle of the table so each player can view it during play. The score card has two sides: a “Hi” side and a “Lo” side. The column on the left corresponds to a score in the column on the right. Players tally their scores and find the corresponding box on the left column to determine their score in the box adjacent to it. The carrying case has three compartments: the "Bank," the "Rack" and a space for the Hi/Lo die.

Roll all six dice at once; the youngest player goes first. After rolling the dice, choose at least one die to “rack” (place in the Rack section of the carrying case). Repeat this step at least five times or until a player has racked five dice for scoring.

Roll the Hi/Lo die at least one time; you can roll it each time you roll the scoring dice (except for the final throw). The arrow (up or down) indicates which chart to use when you calculate your score. The number allows a player to multiply his or her score at the end of each round.

Look at the arrow on the Hi/Lo die. If the arrow points up, use the "Hi" chart to score your roll. If the arrow points down, use the "Lo" chart. Add the numbers of your racked dice. Find that number on the appropriate score card. Multiply this amount by the number shown on the Hi/Lo die. For example, assume a player racked 3, 4, 2, 1, 1 and the arrow on the Hi/Lo die points down and a 2 shows on the Hi/Lo die. This player would use the “Lo” chart to score his roll. The total for this roll is 11. Multiplied by 2, the score for this round is 22.

Continue playing until one player reaches 100 points. A perfect score (all 6s and a 3 with an arrow pointing up for the “Hi” side or all 1s and a 3 with an arrow pointing down for the “Lo” side) is worth 30 points. If a player scores a straight (such as racking 1-5 on the dice or 2-6), the player adds 10 points to his score. Players who roll five of a kind in one roll receive 10 points and can take another turn.


You can also place a rolled die in the Bank section of the case instead of the Rack as a kind of insurance. Once put in the Bank, it can't be rolled again but it can be put in the Rack.

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