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How to Play Egg Roulette

For complete authenticity, present the eggs in their original carton.
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Popularized by "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," Egg Roulette is a tense game of chance. The losing player will wind up covered in raw egg, but even the winner may not be able to escape being splattered.

Setting Up

Cover the playing area with tarps or drop cloths and place two chairs in it facing each other. Set up a waste bin nearby. Acquire a dozen eggs; hard-boil eight of them and leave the remaining four raw. Place the eggs on a table between the two chairs or have a third player hold them. Choose one player to go first; traditionally, the host allows the guest to play first, but any other method is possible.

Playing the Game

Starting with the chosen player, each player picks an egg and smashes it against the top of her head or forehead. Once the player has chosen an egg, she must smash that egg; replacing an egg and choosing another is not permitted. Players take turns to choose and smash eggs. The first player to smash two raw eggs against his head is the loser.

Rules Variations

Although the original game involves two players going head-to-head, adding more players is easy. Eliminating a player after just one raw egg will speed play; in this case, the last player remaining is the winner. If there are more than five players, add more eggs, keeping the same proportion of raw to cooked. A more generous variant declares the first player to crack two raw eggs the winner rather than the loser.

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