How to Play 10 Point Pitch

Each player must attempt to earn 21 points in this game.

If you like to play cards, then you should definitely learn to play 10 point pitch. Although there are numerous variations, a standard game normally involves 4 players. The players who sit across from one another are considered partners and work together to try and win the game.

Deal each player 9 cards. If a player receives no face cards and no point cards, they can call a misdeal and request that a new hand be dealt.

Begin bidding. The player to the left of the dealer bids first, followed by the player to their left, and so on. To bid, a player says the number of points they think their team can score. Their bid should be higher than any previous bids. If a player doesn't think their team can beat the standing bid, they say, "pass." The minimum bid is usually 4.

Name the trump suit. The player with the highest bid names the trump suit and all players throw away any cards that are not trump cards. Next, the dealer deals each player additional cards from the deck until everyone has 6 cards in hand.

Pass the remainder of the deck to the highest bidder. The bidder can look through the cards, one by one, pulling out trump cards. Once they have 6 trump cards in hand, they can't look through the deck anymore. Some players allow them to then pass the remainder of the unseen cards over to their partner.

Start laying cards. The highest bidder will lead the first trick. They must lay down a trump card. Each player follows, moving in a clockwise direction. Players can only lay trump cards--if they have no trump cards, they should declare themselves "out" when it's their turn.

Finish out the trick. Whoever lays the highest-ranking card in the trick wins that trick and any points in it. The winner of the trick takes the trick cards and puts them off to the side, then that player starts off the next trick by laying another trump card. If they don't have any more trump cards, they declare themselves out and the player to the left leads.

Play through the hand in this fashion until everyone is out of trump cards. Partners should count the points they've collected throughout the hand. The team that consists of the highest bidder from the beginning of the game must have enough points to cover their bid. If they don't, they receive negative points. For example, if the highest bidder gave a bid of 6 and his team only ends up with 5 points, their score for the hand is negative 6. However, if they end up with 8 points, their score for the hand is 8. Multiple hands are played until a set of partners reaches a score of 52 and wins. Typically you must bid to win out.


Use the following list to learn the rankings and point values for each card. The list ranks the cards from highest to lowest. In other words, a King takes a Jack if they're both laid during a trick. If a card is worth points, it is noted in parentheses. Ace (1 point) King Queen Jack (1 point) Jick (1 point) (defined below) High Joker (1 point) Low Joker (1 point) 10 (1 point) 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 (3 points) 2 (1 point) The Jick is also known as the Off Jack or Left Jack. It's the Jack of the same color as the trump Jack. For example, if the trump is hearts, the Jick is the Jack of diamonds. The High Joker is the first Joker laid, while the Low Joker is the second Joker laid. The 2 is the only card that cannot be taken by the winner of the trick. If you lay a 2, it is your team's to keep and you receive the point. The 3 is worth 3 points.

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