How to Photograph a Handbag

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Professional-looking photographs are essential to sellers. They show off the product's features, details and color and help customers feel confident enough to make a purchase. Handbags should be photographed from different angles and distances in order to supplement and clarify the bag's written description and give potential buyers a better idea of what it will look like in person.

Choose your background color. White is usually the best option, unless your bag is a very light shade of beige, pink, yellow or other pastel color; in that case choose a dark background, such as black or navy blue. This will make the bag's outline more visible.

Choose a setting. Near a window is a good choice, because it allows you to take advantage of natural lighting. Make sure it's an area where you can easily set up your background.

Make sure your camera's flash setting is off. Place the bag against the background and take a photo of the front side. Take as many photos as needed to show all the details and zoom in on any zippers, buckles, clasps and stitching.

Take photos of the sides and back of the bag.

Open the bag and photograph the lining and any inner pockets or zippers. If it's a designer handbag such as Coach, Prada or Fendi, make sure to photograph the logo. The logo may be stitched, engraved or imprinted on the inside of the bag or on zipper pull-tabs, buckles, leather tags or buttons.

Things You'll Need

  • Camera
  • Light or dark background (such as poster boards)