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How to Repair a Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames display your family photos in a continuous slide show.
stock photo submissions (original digital drawing) image by Stephen Jacoby from Fotolia.com

Digital photo frames are a wonderful way to display and share your photos with family and friends. Digital photo frames come in sizes ranging from small desktop models to larger frames that can be mounted on a wall. These frames take what would otherwise be a static display and presents your photos in a continuous slide show. Digital photo frames are not complex items; they contain a power coupling, a memory card reader, a processor that displays the photos, an LCD screen and frame holding everything in place.

Examine the digital photo frame to determine the cause of the malfunction.

Insert the memory card into your computer to see if there are photos loaded on the card. If your card has no images, then there will be nothing for the frame to display.

Plug the power cord into a different wall outlet. If your frame is not turning on, it may be the outlet or power cord itself.

Unplug the digital photo frame from the wall and remove the back of the digital photo frame and inspect the wires that run from the power switch, the memory card reader, the processor and the LCD screen. If any of these wires are disconnected, use a soldering gun to re-attach them.

Insert the power cord into the digital photo frame, plug the cord into the wall outlet, turn your frame on and it should be ready to be used again.

Things You'll Need:

  • Soldering gun
  • Solder
  • Memory card
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