Personal Hygiene Crafts

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Good personal hygiene is important for kids and adults. Hand-washing alone is "one of the best ways to keep from getting sick," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You can use crafts to help teach the importance of good hygiene in a simple, kid-friendly way.

Slippery Soap Craft

Slippery Soap has been one of Blue's (from Blue's Clues) friends for many years. He's always around to remind kids to wash up and is usually surrounded by lots of bubbles. With this craft idea from DLTK, kids can make their own Slippery Soap paper craft to remind them to wash hands before leaving the bathroom. Draw a bar of soap that's 5x6 inches on a piece of white construction paper. Then give the bar of soap a face with a mouth. For arms and legs, cut four strips of paper 1x6 inches, then let kids do accordion folds with the strips. Let them glue the strips to the bar of soap when they finish. Have the kids decorate their Slippery Soap with paint or crayons and cut him out. Then they can hang him on the wall in the bathroom near the sink or light switch as a reminder to wash their hands.

Teeth Brushing Craft

This toothbrush craft from Librarian Made may help your kids remember how to brush their teeth. Using a piece of construction paper, cut a 4x9 inch rectangle out of the side so that the paper you have left forms an "L" shape. On the short side of the "L," have kids cut snips along the edge that is not in the corner to make "bristles." You can write a simple poem about the importance of brushing teeth on a piece of paper, cut it out and glue it to the toothbrush. To decorate the toothbrush, kids can cut out pictures of smiles (with teeth showing) from old magazines and glue them to the toothbrush.

Hand Washing Fan

Henry the Hand is a champion hand washer who can help remind kids to wash their hands regularly. This craft idea may help remind them how they can prevent many germs by keeping their hands as clean as possible. Have the kids trace their hand four times on a piece of construction paper and cut them out, then you can punch a hole near the wrist in each one, using a hole punch. Talk with kids about Henry's four principles of hand awareness, including "wash your hands when they are dirty and before eating" and "do not cough into your hands." For older kids, you can write each one of the principles on the board and have kids copy one principle onto each hand print. Younger kids may need an adult to write the principles on a hand print for them. Hold all hand prints together by stacking the hands on top of each other and inserting a brass fastener into the hole.