Peacock Crafts

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Peacocks are the male version of peafowl, which also include peahens (females) and peachicks (baby peacocks). Peacocks are distinguished by vibrant blue chests and beautiful green, yellow, brown and green spotted feathers. Their tail feathers fan out from their hindquarters like a huge hand-held fan. Peacocks strut around, putting their beautiful feathers on display to show all the peahens just how manly and desirable they are. Peacocks make an excellent subject for colorful children’s crafts.

Toilet Paper Peacock

An old toilet paper roll, white paper and blue, green and purple acrylic paints, along with a stapler or glue, is all you need to create a beautiful peacock. Lay a piece of white paper horizontally on a flat surface and color it, horizontally, in three equal sections of purple, green and blue with paint or crayons. Fold the paper into an accordion-style folded fan until the entire paper is folded up. Crease and staple the paper in the center to keep it open. Print out a body template, color it and glue it to the toilet paper roll. Finally, attach the fan to the backside of the toilet paper roll with a stapler or glue to complete your peacock craft.

Hands-On Peacock

Create a simple, yet full and vibrant peacock with construction paper, scissors, a pencil and a child’s hands and feet. Print out a template for the peacock’s feet and eyes. Cut it out and color it. Have your child trace his hands at least one dozen times onto sheets of yellow, blue, green and purple construction paper. Cut the hand prints out, and decorate them with brightly colored peacock eyes. Trace your or your child’s foot on blue construction paper for the peacock’s body. Glue the face and peacock feet from the template onto the body. Glue the handprints together, and glue the body on top of them.

Clay Peacock

Research peafowl and present the information to your children, including the fact that the peacock is India’s national bird. Use colored plain clay, play-doh or Crayola Model Magic to create the shape of the peacock’s head and long neck. Use white clay for the peacock eyes and beak, and then color them black with a permanent marker. Attach the clay to a piece of white paper with glue, and let it dry.

Use metallic colored pencils to draw lines spreading out across the paper from the peacock’s body in a fan shape. Explain that these lines represent the peacock’s quills. Draw feathers at the end of each quill in vibrant colors. Spread a small amount of glue down and coat it in glitter lightly. Shake excess glitter off from paper and allow the craft to dry. Create feather eyes out of construction paper and glue them onto the dried glitter-feathers. Allow the entire craft to dry, then hang it up.

Peacock Mobile

Use construction paper, scissors, tape, stapler, glue, yarn and plastic googly eyes to create a peacock hanger. Cut half-inch wide strips of construction paper that measure 9 in. long, 7.5 in., 6 in. and 4 in., respectively. Cut these lengths twice. Layer the strips with the 6-inch strip on the bottom followed by the 7.5-inch strip, 9-inch strip, 4-inch strip and back through the series. Slide the 4-inch strip down until 3.5 inches of it sticks out from the bottom end of the stack. Staple the strips in the middle of the stack.

Turn the strips out so that they form four paper hearts. Staple the hearts together where they touch. Wrap a piece of clear tape around the points where the hearts meet at their tips. Glue multi-colored paper circles to the hearts to add eyes to the tail. Cut out a peacock body and glue googly eyes to it. Staple or glue it to the tail and attach a piece of yarn to the top to use as a hanger.