How to Get Paper Jamz Guitar on Freestyle Mode

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A Paper Jamz guitar allows you to learn to play the guitar on your own in the form of a toy. While the mechanics of playing this guitar are similar to that of a regular guitar, it is also different. Each Paper Jamz guitar is preloaded with three songs you can learn to play. The guitar also features a freestyle mode, which allows you to make up your own songs or play any way you want.

Slide the switch on the side of the guitar to the "on" position, to turn on the guitar.

Press and hold the "Mode" button -- the middle of the three buttons located on the front of the guitar.


Press the fourth fret from the tail-end of the Paper Jamz guitar. Frets are the sections on the arm of the guitar which control the tone of the strings that you strum. You are then able to play the guitar just as you would a regular one.



  • Consult the Paper Jamz instruction manual, to learn how to play specific chords on your guitar.


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