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How to Take Apart a "Rock Band" Guitar

Take apart the
rock guitar player illustration image by Slobodan Djajic from Fotolia.com

Take apart the "Rock Band" guitar to look like it did before you assembled it for the first time. This will allow for easy storage. Once it's taken apart, you can easily assemble the guitar once again. There are several different "Rock Band" guitars, but the assembly is the same for all. The only difference is the appearance of the guitar.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ph1 Screwdriver
  • Phillips-Head Screwdriver

Turn the guitar over and place it on a flat surface. Make sure there is nothing on the surface that could scratch the guitar.

Unscrew the all the screws on the back of the head piece. Place aside in a safe place. Lift the panel securing the head piece in place.

Unscrew any additional screws holding the guitar together.

Push gently on the metal pins holding the guitar together. This will free the neck from the base of the guitar.

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