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How to Operate a Humminbird Wide-100 Portable

The Humminbird Wide-100 portable fish finder provides information on the depth of the water, the makeup of the ground underneath your boat and the location of fish when you are fishing on your boat. The fish finder provides readouts as soon as you turn on the device, and allows you to tweak the settings according to your needs.

Basic Operation

Press the "Power" button to turn on the Humminbird Wide-100 fish finder. The device adjusts the fish finder's settings, such as the depth range and sensitivity, based on its initial readings. You will receive information immediately about the water when you turn on the device.

Push the "Stop" button to freeze the screen during operation. This is helpful if you notice something on-screen that you want to take more time to review. Press "Stop" a second time to return to the standard operating screen.

Press the "Light" button to turn on the Wide-100's backlight, which helps you better see the screen in low light conditions or if there is a glare.

Push the "Menu" button to bring up the Humminbird Wide-100's main menu.

Highlight the setting you want to change using the up or down arrow buttons and press the "Enter" button. The menu settings are "Sensitivity," "Range," "Zoom," "Bottom Alarm," "Fish Alarm," "ID" and "Scroll."

Change the value of the setting by pressing the up or down arrow buttons and then pressing the "Enter" button to save.

Push the "Menu" button to exit the menu system and return to the standard operating screen.


The "Sensitivity" setting in the menu system allows you to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the sensors, which is useful when moving into or out of murky water. The "Range" setting allows you to adjust how deep the sensors read. The "Zoom" function allows you to magnify a small area of the standard screen. The "Bottom Alarm" warns you when you are in shallow water. The "Fish Alarm" alerts you when a certain size of fish is picked up by the fish finder. The "ID" setting allows you to target specific fish characteristics. Finally, the "Scroll" setting changes the speed at which the screen refreshes.

You will need to reenter your settings the next time you use the device. Settings saved using the menu system are deleted when the Humminbird Wide-100 is turned off.

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