What Is an Old Mine Cut Diamond?

Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Stephen Durham

The earliest form of brilliant cut diamonds, old mine cut diamonds date back to the late 17th century. Original old mine cut diamonds are counted among the most valuable available.


The old mind cut is distinguished by its cushioned, rounded shape. It has 17 brilliant style facets and a tall crown.


The old mine cut is also knows as a triple cut brilliant and a Peruzzi cut.



Old mine cuts remain popular today for those who wish to have diamond engagement rings or jewelry with a less polished, antique feel.



Old mine cut diamonds were first made in the late 17th century by polishers such as Vincent Peruzzi; by the 18th century, it became the most popular cut available.


Fun Fact

When old mine cuts fell out of favor, jewelers bought up old mine cut diamonds and whittled them into modern brilliant cut styles. This has made original old mine cut diamonds even more rare and valuable.