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How to Make a Metal Scroll in Metalworking

The earliest known ironwork was made from meteoric iron.
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Use a scroll bending tool to create beautiful scrolled metalwork. A scroll bending tool allows you to shape metal strips or thin rods into curves or folds without heating. Using a technique called rolling or cold bending, you pass the metal through a series of rollers, each of which incrementally bends the metal. You will soon be making your own ornamental metal gates, wall decor, railings or decorative security guards for doors and windows.

Things You'll Need:

  • Flat Metal Strip Or Round Rod
  • Hand-Drawn Scroll Bender
  • Large Work Area With Surface For Mounting Scroll Bender

Purchase a hand-drawn scroll bender in the desired shape. The size and type of the bender required depends on the thickness and width of the metal to be bent and the desired scroll design.

Mount the scroll bender in a large unobstructed work area following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Place the end of the metal strip or rod between the two central rollers or in the center pillar slot. Adjust the moveable roller or center clamp to grip the metal.

Produce the initial part of scroll. Use the end of the metal strip or rod like a handle or use the tool’s provided handles to turn the metal around the center segment of the bender.

Continue to draw the metal strip further around the bender, dropping in additional bender segments as required. More intricate scrolls can require assorted drop-in segments to bend different portions of the scroll.

Remove dropped in segments to release the finished scroll.


Mark the base of the bender tool at the point where you dropped in any segments to assist in producing multiple identical scrolls.

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