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How to Cut Metal With Pliers

There are a number of pliers that are designed with a cutting blade that will allow you to cut metal or wire, including the standard model pliers. The cutting edge of the pliers is normally located in the back of the jaws and has a serated or sharpened edge, allowing you to cut the metal without too much trouble. Always be mindful of the sharp edges on the metal and wear work gloves to protect your hands from cuts.

Put a pair of work gloves on before attempting to cut metal with the pliers to avoid getting cut by the sharp metal.

Open the pliers up all the way and slide the metal to the back of the jaws on the pliers.

Clamp down on the metal with the cutting edge of the pliers and make a cut as far as the edge on the pliers will go.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with the pliers until the metal is cut as desired.


  • To avoid injury, always wear heavy duty work gloves when attempting to cut metal with pliers.
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