How to Change Blade on Black & Decker Navigator

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The Black & Decker Navigator is a powered hand saw intended for use with small projects around the house. The Navigator comes with three different blades to allow the user to cut through wood, wood composites, nonferrous metals and plastics. The blade will need to be changed depending on the materials being cut, or when the blade becomes dull. When changing the blade, wear heavy work gloves to prevent the sharp blade teeth from cutting your skin.

Unplug the Black & Decker Navigator. If the saw has been in use, allow it to cool before removal.

Place the saw on the edge of a table. Point the blade away from your body. Standing behind the saw, press the black blade release button, located on the left side of the saw. Push the flat surface of the blade downward, while holding the button. The blade will fold downward at a 90-degree angle.

Slide the blade sideways to remove it from the retaining pin and remove the blade from the saw body.

Place the new blade on the retaining pin with the blades' teeth facing the handle of the saw.

Push the blade upward until the black locks into place. Pull on the blade to ensure it is firmly in place.


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