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Fiskars Circle Cutter Instructions

Fiskars makes a circle cutter that is ideal for cutting out perfectly shaped circles on any part of a page. Circles can range from one inch to eight inches. A clear base on this cutter ensures you are aligning the cutter in the correct spot and a gripper placed on the foot of the cutter keeps it from moving out of place while you are cutting. A Fiskars circle cutter is a great tool for those who enjoy crafting and scrapbooking.

Turn the lock wheel, found near the top of the cutter, counterclockwise to choose the cutting size you desire.

Lock the cutting arm by turning the lock wheel clockwise.

Place your cutting mat down where you plan to use the cutter.

Lay your paper or other material down on the mat and place the cutter on the area you wish to cut. Look through the clear base to ensure the circle is in the correct position.

Hold onto the cutter with one hand and push the control knob, on top of the cutter, down with your fingers on your other hand. Press down on the cutter firmly and rotate the cutter around 360 degrees until your circle is cut out.

Replace the old blade if it is not cutting properly. Pull the old blade carriage from the cutting arm by pulling it down and out of the cutting arm. Take a new blade out of the blade storage compartment and insert it where the old blade was removed from. Keep your blades stored in the blade storage compartment when you are not using your cutter.


Practice with scrap paper before you start cutting on good material and paper. Stand up while you make your cuts to lessen the chance of your cutter slipping. Use the eraser end of a pencil to press a new blade into place to prevent cutting yourself.


  • Do not press the control knob down with the palm of your hand or the cutter can make skips in the cut. Do not touch the blade when you are removing or replacing it.
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