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How to Cut Guitar Strings Without a Wire Cutter

It's not necessary to use wire cutters when installing new strings.
Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

All guitars use a body, neck and strings to produce its distinctive sound. The strings periodically need changing because they break or become worn. When changing the strings there is always some extra wire remaining at the tuning keys. One way to cut this wire is with sharp wire cutters. If you're on the road, or at a show, and don't have wire cutters, instead remove this wire with toenail clippers.

Hold the wire straight out from the tuning key with one of your hands.

Position the cutting blades on the toenail clippers around the wire in the location you wish to make the cut.

Press down on the toenail clipper's mechanism to cut the wire. Repeat this process to cut the other wires on the guitar.

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