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No Sound When Using Netflix on PS3

Netflix gives you a huge selection of movies without renting or purchasing them.
Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming movie services available, and the PS3 now has an integrated application that lets you use the "Watch Instantly" Netflix feature any time. The application usually works well and makes it easy for you to find the movies you want, but you might run into problems from time to time. If there's no audio for a movie you're trying to you watch, you should check on some common causes to try to fix the problem.

TV Settings

The simplest solution may be that the sound has just been accidentally muted or turned down on your TV. Try adjusting the volume or pressing the mute button to check on that. Change the channel or try to watch something briefly from another source, like a DVD player, and see if the audio works for that. If the audio still does not work, then the problem is actually with your TV and not Netflix, and you should check your TV's manual or contact the manufacturer's customer support.

PS3 Connections

Another common issue is for one or more of the PS3's connections to be loose. If any of these connectors are falling out of their ports or are entirely disconnected, your audio may sound odd or may disappear entirely. Check the cords plugged into the back of your PS3 and into your TV itself. All of them should be securely connected and not able to fall out of place easily. Depending on your setup, you may have just one cord connecting your TV and PS3, or you may have multiple cords; regardless, you should check every connection just to be safe.

PS3 Audio

The PlayStation 3 has its own audio configuration that must be set up correctly for your TV to accept the sound the console transmits. To change these settings, you need to first know what type of setup you have based on the connections you use on the back of your PS3. There are three choices: "HDMI OUT," "AV MULTI OUT" and "Digital Out." You might even use "Digital Out" in addition to one of the others. To check the PS3's settings, exit Netflix and navigate to the "Settings" section of the XMB menu and select "Sound Settings," then "Audio Output Settings." You'll see the three choices on the screen for the three connector types on the back of the PS3. Select the one you use. If you use "Digital Out" and another connector, then select the "Digital Out (Optical)" option. Press the right directional button to proceed. If you selected "HDMI" or "Digital Out," you'll now see a screen that lets you select the audio formats your TV uses. Normally, you can just go with the default options here, but you might need to check your TV's documentation for specifics; every television is different. Press the right directional key again, and then press the "X" button to confirm your settings.

Netflix Error

Unfortunately in rare situations, Netflix will encounter errors that can cause a movie or TV show you view to play without any sound or with distorted audio. If you've checked your settings and ensured that the problem isn't with your TV or PS3, then try briefly viewing another movie on Netflix. If the audio works for that option, you can try one final time to watch the original movie and see if you can hear anything now. If not, go online and log into your account at Netflix and navigate to netflix.com/youraccount. Here, you can click the "Report problem" next to movies you've watched recently to tell Netflix about the issue. If you found that you have no sound regardless of what you try to view on Netflix, you need to contact its customer service department by calling 866-716-0414 or by using the "Contact Us" link at Netflix's site, which you find by clicking on "Your Account & Help" in the top right corner.

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