Nerf Gun Game Ideas

Capture the flag can be a classic game with a Nerf twist.
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Nerf guns are toys that make neighborhood gun battles safe for practically all ages. The ammunition consists of Nerf foam, a dense, lightweight foam that rockets through the air at high speeds without inflicting pain on its targets. By organizing Nerf gun games in your neighborhood or at your school, you can strategize, get exercise and turn your town into a make-believe war zone as you and your friends battle it out.

Humans Vs. Zombies

Created in 2005 by students at Goucher College, Humans Vs. Zombies is a long-term game that involves an entire community. Players sign up for one of two opposing teams: humans and zombies. The zombies must “feed,” or tag, a human every 48 hours, or they “starve.” The humans must try to outlive the zombies. This game is ideal for college campuses, where the players are consistently around each other for days or weeks at a time. If a human is on the run from a zombie, he can “freeze” the zombie for 15 minutes by firing on it with a Nerf gun. Human players who plan on staying alive need to use strategy when deciding which gun to carry.


This strategy game is ideal for six people or more. One player acts as the target—he may go armed or unarmed. He has two armed players with him, acting as bodyguards, while the remaining three players are assassins. The objective for the bodyguards is to “kill” the assassins by hitting them with ammunition from their Nerf guns, while the assassins attempt to kill the target. Add an extra measure of strategy to this game by utilizing an open structure, like a jungle gym, as a base. The base should have multiple points of entry so that the assassins may try to sneak in and shoot the target, while the bodyguards patrol the area and protect the entrances.

Capture the Flag

Nerf guns add a level of excitement to classic games like capture the flag. Divide players into teams, each with its own base that houses a team flag. Each team must attempt to infiltrate the other base, take the flag and return it to their own base. Nerf guns add a new element to this game—if a player is shot, he must freeze and wait 30 seconds before he can resume play. Opposing players may not wait until someone unfreezes and then fire on them again. Players must strategize about which weapons to use, since Nerf makes guns that specialize in rapid fire, long distance and accurate shooting.